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About the Publisher
DEStech Publications, Inc., founded in 2001 and located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania (U.S.), is an independent academic STM publishing company that develops and publishes original professional books and university textbooks written and edited by scientific researchers. In collaboration with U.S., Japanese, Chinese and European professional societies and conferences, DEStech also provides a wide range of publishing services for the production and distribution of conference proceedings and academic journals.
For authors in science, engineering and technology, DEStech offers high-level academic book publishing that begins with peer reviewing of each book proposal and continues with careful editing by knowledgeable staff, assistance with figures and copyright, expedited book production, and invited author input on the design and appearance of each volume produced.
All DEStech books are marketed, distributed and sold worldwide and long-term. DEStech Publications offers higher than average royalties to authors and at the same time suggests lower student textbook prices to university bookstores.

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